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Article: Leading a sustainable lifestyle and its importance

Leading a sustainable lifestyle and its importance - Aesthetic Living

Leading a sustainable lifestyle and its importance

Easy tips to go from casual lifestyle to a sustainable lifestyle

This is one topic that is always “trending” on google searches..don't believe us?? Try it! 

But why do you think that is?

Why do you think every influencer, celebrity, and leader is talking about adopting a sustainable lifestyle?

Why do you think almost every big organization that you can think of is trying to reduce its carbon footprint?


Why do you think “tackling climate change” is the major concern for our planet?

Because, if we continue living the way we are, absolutely oblivious of the deteriorating state of our planet, we are not only compromising our shot to quality and fulfilling life but also that of our future generations. 


But what exactly does “sustainable living” look like?

Sustainable living holds a different meaning for every individual, but what it means is, you create a lifestyle where you consciously make sustainable choices, by using renewable, natural, and sustainable products. 

It also means being aware of the impact your daily choices can have on the environment and restraining yourself from spending or using anything more than is necessary. It makes sense to rather invest your money In quality products that are renewable and create zero waste during their manufacture.

In a nutshell, living your life in a way that does not cause a threat to the quality of life of our future generations.


Principles of sustainable living:

So, now that we have addressed what “sustainable living” actually means, it’s time to acknowledge the principles that form the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle. These 3 principles can be very subjective and you might feel inclined to one of them more than others which is fine, but once you start your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, you will realize that there is a common thread that joins all of these together.

1. Quality over quantity - It's human nature to get attracted and influenced by trends, those constant reminders from the online retail stores always get the better of us. The constant reminders via emails triggering your FOMO, we get all of it, but this is where you have to remind yourself that you need to invest in products that can be used for a longer duration and should not end up in the landfills even after being disposed of.

2. An eco-friendly & zero waste approach - Once you start living sustainably it's crucial to be conscious of the carbon footprint the manufacturing of each product that you choose to bring into your homes is creating. It's wise to purchase products from brands that support a zero-waste policy. Investing in products made out of wood ensures the same apart from being renewable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

3. To leave the planet greener & better than we found it- A sustainable lifestyle certainly depends on the effort you make to plant more trees or any other activity that helps reduce the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.


Benefits of sustainable living:

One thing is certain that it’s not for nothing that everybody you see around is raving about the benefits of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. They are countless for sure and to convince you of the same we will share 3 of the major ones here:

1. Health benefits- Mind you the benefits are not only physical but mental too! Adopting a sustainable lifestyle means reduced dependence on mechanical resources and more on self. And who doesn’t like being self-dependent, right?? Biking to work, and using public transport, will keep you in a better shape than using your personal vehicle ever will. 

Growing your own food (at least the staple food), consuming and buying locally produced and seasonal vegetables, positively impacts your health and the environment.  Research has revealed that living sustainably and surrounding yourself with natural and sustainable resources has a positive effect on your stress and anxiety levels, and helps you feel calmer.

2. More Savings- So a major part of living sustainably is to buy less, use more. Reuse and recycle like your life depends on it (quite literally here!). You spend money only on the things you need which means more savings. By using a greener alternative like the bike, public transportation, or walking to reach destinations helps you save money on fuel and reduces the carbon footprint too. 

3. Greener planet and quality life- Once you start using renewable and sustainable products like wood, jute and clay in your daily life you will be creating a recurring demand for these products and thus the need for such elements will be constant too. But as a consumer, you need to use products made out of selectively harvested wood, as it's only that way you get to contribute to reforestation. Exposing yourself to natural elements like wood can help you feel calmer and stress-free.

Now that we have shared with you the principles and benefits of sustainable living, we don't want to leave you hanging there. Read below to learn how can you adopt a sustainable lifestyle in 2021?

1. Reduce using plastic- Yes, with the level of menace that plastic usage has created we need to start putting an absolute end to the use of plastic water bottles, plastic carry bags, plastic containers that can help the recovery. Swap those plastic containers lying around and adding to the existing pile of junk, with sustainable wooden jars that create zero waste, help to reduce carbon emissions, and also look pleasing to the eye. Storing edibles in plastic containers is never a good idea, read more about the cons of this here. Using wooden containers for storage keeps it safe from bacteria and toxins. 

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repeat- Make it a point to avoid buying ten low quality products but buy one good quality product that will last you longer. Being aware of how much energy a certain product takes to be manufactured is a good option. You need to put an end to blindly following trends and end up accumulating stuff that will just last for a few months. Whenever possible, invest in pre-owned products :)

3. More Home cooking and less ordering out- This is tried and tested, making your food is not only light on your pocket but tastes so much better, than the takeouts, which fill your tummy but not your soul.  Readymade food neither tastes good nor is it cheap. Consuming seasonal food is not only the best way to keep your body replenished but also seasonal vegetables and fruits are cheaper than those that are not.

4. Carpool/bike/public transport- Always choose to use public transport or a bike as your commute option. Doing some research about the options that can help you reduce the use of a personal car is always a good idea to have an impact on reducing the carbon footprint

Concluding only by this statement- 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein, Physicist

To bring about a change we will have to make the changes in our daily practices first.  Want to know what makes Aesthetic Living a sustainable brand ?? Read here.

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