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Article: Wooden collection that is modern yet rustic

Wooden collection that is modern yet rustic - Aesthetic Living

Wooden collection that is modern yet rustic

The rustic look of wooden products emphasizes natural and organic substances. Elements taken directly from the earth and giving natural vibes are known as rustic. It’s more of a contemporary design that is relaxing, traditional, and calming. 

In today’s era, most people prefer modern-rustic style for their home interiors. The modern feel and rustic looks are the most desired combination. The main cause of this affection is the simplicity of this style. The concept of modern rustic style is to give your home interiors a modern look while keeping the natural character alive. Having historic elements that vibe with nature and give modern feels is the new trend loved by most people today. 

But why is this combination gaining attention? What is it that makes it so special? Keep reading to know it all.

1. Use of organic elements:

As previously mentioned, the rustic elements are taken directly from nature and use organic elements. It’s raw, unprocessed, and natural. Imagine a room that is welcoming, calming, and relaxed, peaceful isn’t it? That’s the vibe you get when you opt for a modern rustic interior. It creates a positive aura around you and preserves the natural elements with modern comfort. Products made of wood, stone, clay, metals give a rustic vibe.

The focus of our products at Aesthetic Living is the natural beauty of wood. Our wooden products are going to highlight the interiors of your home and will help your home stand apart from that of your friends. Giving rustic charm to each and every product while keeping a modern lifestyle in mind is the primary goal of our brand. 

2. It gives a natural vibe:

The use of real wood while making these modern rustic products give more visually appealing designs. The use of natural products evokes the beauty of rustic modern designs. They are free from fuss and serve their purpose, this resonates with nature outside, every part of nature is free of clutter and serves its purpose.  

"Rustic design, at its core, is the use of organic elements in their most natural state," says interior designer Katie Hodges.

3. Handmade:

The beauty of rustic designs lies in imperfection. The pieces are not perfect because they are handmade and do not involve machinery manufacturing. The fact that they are handmade makes these products more authentic and appealing. The raw designs are the core of these modern rustic elements. 

4. Earthy colors:

Modern rustic designs focus more on warm colors like grey, beige, brown, green, etc. The colors are muted and more related to the greenery and natural elements. The natural colors are welcoming and give a sense of peace to your soul. The color scheme entirely focuses on neutral and natural shades wanting you to opt for a sustainable lifestyle even more.  The use of these warm, neutral shades highlights the features of the product and keeps them unique. 

5. Create a comforting atmosphere:

The aesthetics of modern design are incredibly comforting. The look and feel of the modern rustic design are meant to give homey feels. The raw nature of the textiles and warm colors makes the vibe natural and eco-friendly. Bringing the lovely nature feels of the outdoors straight to your homes is the real agenda behind this concept. 

6. Approachable and relaxing:

The aesthetics of rustic modern designs are incredibly relaxing and calming. It’s difficult to resist the love towards rustic products especially when they have a modern touch of aesthetics. With the immense amount of comfort and charm, these are approachable and relaxing.

7. Leads to a good cause: 

You must be wondering why we chose woods specifically? The use of wood helps in reforestation, they are versatile, durable, and whatnot! Read why we chose wood and wooden products here.

8. Modern rustic lifestyle:

The modern rustic look complements each other. Combining the charm of rustic designs along with modern comfort gives your home a natural and relaxing vibe and you feel more connected with nature. 

The spirit of the modern rustic lifestyle is kept alive using all these factors. All these factors combined together tie the knot of a modern rustic lifestyle. If you are looking for products that can give your house a modern rustic look, click here.

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