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Article: Why wood and wooden products?

Why wood and wooden products? - Aesthetic Living

Why wood and wooden products?

 Why choosing wooden products for your home and kitchen is better than you think it is!

What if you could contribute to a greener planet and start your journey towards a sustainable life, by choosing products made out of sustainable elements like wood over plastic and other non-sustainable products with a high carbon footprint??? 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?? 

Well, this is your chance to do just that!! You can shop for irresistible home & kitchenware, made out of selectively harvested wood, handcrafted by local artisans all across the globe, and also plant a tree for every product that you buy from us. The guilt that you always feel after shopping a lot will reduce for sure!! 

Now, the question is why should you choose only wood? Here are few facts that will justify our point….and by end of this article, we are sure that you will be convinced to shop sustainable!

1. Using wooden products helps in reforestation - Did you read that right?? Yes, you did! If you buy wooden products made out of selectively harvested wood, wherein the trees that reach their prime age are used to manufacture products, the need to keep planting more trees remains, as in the palace of the trees that are harvested, new ones are planted. 

On the other hand, If wooden products lose their demand altogether, the plantation lands will soon be deserted and end up being used for commercial purposes like parking lots, buildings, etc. It's now upon you as a consumer, to keep wooden products in demand consistent, so the plantation lands are saved from being commercialized. 

2. Versatile and Timeless - Look around you right now, there must be something made out of wood, now notice the warmth and character that one piece is adding to the vibe of the whole room. Something made out of iron and steel will never exude the same warmth as something made out of wood. You must have observed that wooden products are not ruled by trends, and have a “timeless” charm of their own. 

Wood is by far the most versatile element of nature and fits seamlessly with almost any setting and look. Nothing beats the rustic charm that a wooden product adds to every space that it exists in. Adding wooden products to your interiors helps to create a warm and homely aesthetic effortlessly. Did you know that wood is one of the sustainable elements that can be made glossy if required? More and more architects and furniture manufacturers are favoring the use of wood not only for its eco-friendly nature but also for its natural charm.

3. Resilience & Durability - Amazing fact alert!! “Wooden spoons” were passed on as heirlooms in ancient times, and if this is not the biggest testimony to the durability of wooden products, we don’t know what is. Wood certainly scores a ten on the durability quotient, given their robust nature wooden utensils can easily stand a lot of wear and tear. 

Wooden products are your safest bet if you have kids around, and a little TLC can go a long way. If you are looking for more “bang for your buck” look no further as wooden utensils are blessed by nature to never disappoint you on that part. 

Just a little refinishing and attention is what an old wooden product needs to shine like a new one. If you treat your wooden products with appropriate care they will surely last you a lifetime. The idea behind using durable products is, the longer you use a product or any product the less energy is used in producing more products. And, wooden products are your best bet when it comes to sustainable yet aesthetically pleasing products. 

4. Reduce climate change – Trees help remove carbon from the atmosphere by storing it inside their trunks, we all know that! But did you also know that 50% of the weight of dry wood is carbon. Planting more trees is the ideal solution to prevent climate change. Products made out of responsibly sourced wood store the carbon emissions inside them for life and in place of the harvested trees, new trees are planted, which continue to trap carbon emissions from the atmosphere. After a tree reaches its optimum limit to store carbon, it is not left to rot and decompose but utilized to make useful and attractive wooden products that we end up using for a lifetime. This process helps to tackle climate change by consistently producing more trees to trap the carbon emissions and prevent  climate change.

5. Wood means zero waste - Is that even possible?? Too good to be true?? It is very true, all stages involved in manufacturing a wooden product create zero wastage. After trees are harvested, all the bi-products are used for some purpose or the other, wood pulp for paper, sawdust as fuel for local farmers, etc. The waste that is produced is 100 percent biodegradable, meaning that it eventually decomposes and breaks down back into the earth, making it better for the environment.

6. Using wooden products has a positive effect on your physical and mental health - As humans, we are innately attracted to natural elements and feel calmer in natural surroundings. Researches have revealed that swapping man-made materials with natural alternatives, like wood, helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels. You don’t have much control over the outside world but you can control your indoors. You can make sure to bring products made out of sustainable elements like wood and create a healthy environment. To add a star to it, by shopping from us you get to uplift not only your indoors for better but impact the external surroundings too as we plant a tree for every product that you buy from us.

We can certainly go on and on but it's better if we conclude here by saying that, leading a sustainable lifestyle requires you to be conscious of your lifestyle choices, and in today’s world where we are getting used to the “use and throw” trend we need to start thinking about ways to put an end to it. It is certainly high time that we make better choices for our immediate surroundings and do our maximum to leave our planet greener than we found it.

Excited to make your home and kitchen sustainable ?? Click here to be drowned in our irresistible products!!


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