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Article: Giving back to the society, giving back to the environment

Giving back to the society, giving back to the environment - Aesthetic Living

Giving back to the society, giving back to the environment

5 easy and practical ways to start Giving Back to Nature & Society

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. — Native American proverb

The proverb above is a testimony to the fact that in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for future generations and ourselves, we need to start giving back to nature and society now.

And, to say that we are not doing a great job at it, will be an understatement. We agree that people in recent times are certainly more conscious than they were a few years back, but with those efforts, we are just touching the tip of the iceberg. It will take a lot more effort to reverse the damages caused and restore the planet to its earlier state. 

We may have got you worried, but don’t worry we have also got you covered as we have got some practical solutions for you. We assure you that by the end of this article you will be better prepared to start doing your bit to give back to nature and society. 

Here are 5 things that you can start doing right away:

1. Reduce, Reuse and recycle as much as possible – We present to you the well-known triple R formula for the win. It requires you to reduce the amount of waste you create, reuse your existing possessions to the maximum and recycle the old products by using them in a new way. For your better understanding, we will share some relatable example for each- 

Reduce- One of the most doable ways to reduce is to buy in bulk. This way you avoid multiple visits to the store for everyday items, cut on the transportation costs, reduce the number of packaged items you buy resulting in lesser waste of packaging materials.

  • Carry a beverage holder when you go for that coffee break or date so you don’t end up using a new paper cup or glass which adds to the trash can.
  • Carry your own grocery bag instead of getting another plastic bag from the store.
  • Buy your food and drink in containers that you can reuse.
  • Buy second-hand wherever and whenever possible, order and cook only how much you can consume. 
  • Before discarding, always think of ways you can use it.  

Reuse- We know that you want to wear a different set of outfits every time you step out, at least that’s the idea being drilled into our brains by organisations that promote the “use and throw” concept, but it's unnecessary. Repeating outfits is cooler than you think. So go ahead and wear your clothes over and over again. Also, 

  • Every time you step out, carry a bag so that you don’t have to buy a bag in case you end up shopping for groceries or other things.
  • Instead of throwing away all your plastic items once you decide to go green, reuse them as much as possible. 
  • Avoid buying new containers, make use of the Nutella glass jars for storing daily essentials. It's no secret that we all love Nutella, so may as well make use of that empty jar too.

Recycle- Pinterest is your best friend for this, the ideas will make you jump out of your seat and get cracking. Few classic examples of recycling that you can do right away are:

  • Old T-shirts/ Jeans/bed sheets/towels- These can be used to make rugs, cleaning towels for the kitchen, and dusting around the house. 
  • Magazines/paper bags- use these to make envelopes, paper machè, handwoven paper baskets. 
  • Plastic/glass bottles- use these as plant holders, store water, serve smoothies, glass painting pieces, water planters, etc.

2. Invest in a home garden - Nothing tastes or looks better than a salad or a dish made with fresh produce? The dream of having fresh parsley, tomatoes and veggies always at your disposal, can be a reality, if you build a home garden. Apart from these gratifying feelings, a home garden has larger benefits. These plants help by absorbing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus helping the existing army of plants and trees to do their job. By growing your staple vegetables in your home garden you reduce the carbon footprint as the trips to the store reduce and you cut down on the demand for these vegetables which travel a lot to be made accessible to you. The presence of plants in the home has naturally cooling effects and you don’t crave for ACs as much, having plants around acts as sound barriers making your indoors quieter and calmer. 

A home garden protects your home and you can join us on our mission to plant 5,00,000 trees by 2025 and protect this planet. Click here to know more and do your bit.

3. Conserve water and electricity - The impending water and energy crisis that awaits us, if we don’t act now, will give you nightmares. You know how crucial water and electricity are for you right from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Few ways you can help to save water and energy are- 

  • Take shorter showers,
  • Choose baths over showers,
  • Use natural light for as long as you can, 
  • Make sure to fix any leaks around the house asap, 
  • Don’t keep the water running while washing dishes or shaving, 
  • Run only fully loaded washing machines and dishwashers,
  • Teach your kids to be mindful of these resources. 

4. Volunteer - “Be the Change'', the best way to bring about a change. Also volunteering helps you connect with other like-minded people, knowing that there are so many supporting the same cause will strengthen your why. By volunteering for causes that matter, you encourage the younger ones to act responsibly too. By joining cleaning and reforestation drives or taking individual initiatives to help the environment is a collective effort to reverse the consistent depletion of natural resources. Make time at least once a week to associate with a local organization to actively work for the environment.

5. Shop Sustainable - Now that we mentioned shopping, we know we have your attention!! But the difference here from traditional shopping sprees is that you are extremely mindful of the products you bring inside your homes and lives. Make sure you choose sustainable elements like wood when it comes to kitchenware and home décor. Always make sure you buy from ethical and zero waste brands. Support local craftsmanship by buying handmade products using sustainable resources. There is no need to overstuff your living spaces with trending short-lived stuff,  instead invest in fewer good quality products that you form a long-term relationship with. Check out our sustainable range of homeware products.

As mentioned at the beginning itself, we must start restoring nature by giving back to it, as the younger generations deserve a shot at a healthy and non-toxic life. 

The tips shared above don’t require you to go out of your way, but just be more mindful of your daily lifestyle. Reusing the same bag, wearing the same jeans multiple times, using those jeans, later on, to make a cleaning cloth, being mindful of your future purchases, will not cause you any inconvenience but it will make a hell of a lot of difference to the ecosystem. 

As a consumer, you have the power to benefit the environment, and the ways to do that are endless. What you need is the will to make an impact and leave the planet better than you found it! Also, remember the younger ones are watching and the lifestyle you get them accustomed to now will decide how the future will look like. 

Excited to do your bit now?? Click here!

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