Glad to see you taking a step towards a better tomorrow. By showing up for this care guide you have shown that you are ready to make a conscious choice as a consumer (or maybe thinking of making one). A choice that benefits you, the people around you, and the environment. 

If you wish to purchase our selectively sourced wooden products and take a step towards sustainable living, here is a care guide that will make sure your products maintain a beautiful appearance, last longer, and stay as good as new.

Here are certain things you need to keep in mind when it comes to wooden products:

 Do's and Don'ts of your wooden products

Do not wash your wooden products in dishwasher.Strict No No to dishwashing

Exposure to excess heat and water will damage your wooden products and may cause warping.

Do not use your wooden products in the microwave. No Microwave please

High heat of any kind damages the wooden products. It can lead to cracking of wood due to excess dry out.

Handle your wooden products with care.Be gentle

Remove all the excess food and wash immediately. Mildly wash your wooden products using warm water and a dab of soap. Pat dry with a cloth after cleaning. Do not soak them in water for a longer duration of time, excess water and wood are not a good combination.

Dust your wooden products with soft cloth.Use soft cloth to dust often

Like any other product, the dust particles can accumulate on wooden products forming a thin layer that leads to scratches. To protect your wooden products from scratches, use a soft cloth to dust your products often.

Allow wooden products to dry naturally.They need air too

Leave them to dry in a cool and dry place ensuring sufficient airflow. Wood is sensitive to humidity, it may expand or contract under intense humidity changes. Try to maintain humidity levels for wooden products.

Wooden products should not be exposed to direct sunlight and heat.They don't like being sun-tanned

Wooden products react to temperature. They may lose their original shape and color if exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Keep your wooden products in cool and well-shaded areas.

Care is all that a wooden product needs.Care is all they need

Do not use food oils to season the wooden products. Use natural mineral oils instead. To maintain the natural shine of wooden products, it’s important to oil/wax them regularly. It forms a protective layer and keeps the natural shine alive. After applying, don’t forget to remove the excess oil/wax with a soft cloth. Excess of oil/wax will attract dust particles and make the wood vulnerable.

Selectively sourced wooden products last for a longer time, more than we can think.They last more than we think they do

Keep re-seasoning your wooden products to increase their life and to maintain their looks. If it becomes a bit worn-out, use a gentle sand-paper and gently remove the damaged layer and expose the layer underneath. Make sure you re-season the wood again using natural mineral oil.


These simple points will make sure that your wooden products last longer and the eternal beauty of wooden products is preserved. Go ahead and shop our wooden products now!