Redfin featured "Modern Rustic Home Décor Ideas for a Cozy and Quaint Atmosphere"

We are humbled to be featured in an article by Redfin "Modern Rustic Home Décor Ideas for a Cozy and Quaint Atmosphere" where we shared our brief take on the rustic home design!

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Cozy interiors evoke a feeling of the fall, dark evenings, and cool weather. But having modern rustic home décor doesn’t need to be limited to the autumn months. You can create a rustic home design no matter the season that fits with your style and home’s aesthetic. So whether you’ve recently purchased
an A-frame house and want to create the perfect cabin interior or want to add a rustic feel to your modern apartment in Austin, TX, we’ve got you covered.

Redfin reached out to us for our best interior design tips for the perfect modern rustic home design. From furnishings and color schemes to art and fabric choices, your rustic interior is just a few steps away.

Here is the snippet from the article:

Warm and earthy colors are a great way to design a rustic home interior that lasts all year. Think sage greens, cloudy blue-grays, chocolate browns, and rusty reds. For example, Aesthetic Living comments, “Modern rustic designs focus more on warm and earthy colors like grey, beige, brown, and green. The colors are muted and add a touch of greenery and natural elements to your place. While the greens can be added by introducing live indoor plants and the grey through an accent wall, we suggest you add the browns to your modern home with its rustic wooden beauties.”